Replace the window regulator in a Jeep Cherokee

Picture of Replace the window regulator in a Jeep Cherokee
Last week the window on my Jeep started making a horrible noise! A violent grinding sound that would make the most callous of people cringe! Here's how to fix it!
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Step 1: Start removing the door panel

Picture of start removing the door panel
Undo all the screws

Step 2: Pop the panel free

Picture of Pop the panel free
be careful! don't pry too hard, you don't want to break the little plastic clips that hold the panel to the door.

Step 3: Undo the connecty bits

Picture of Undo the connecty bits
undo the electrical connections and the door handle rods so you can pull the panel free

Step 4: Pull back the vapor barrier carefully!

Picture of pull back the vapor barrier carefully!
This is a very important piece. Don't tear it... if you do, it is easy to repair with duct tape.

Step 5: Pull off the sweeper

Picture of pull off the sweeper
pull of the felt sweeper that is on the inside of the window. doing this will make removing the window easier.

Step 6: Unplug the Window regulator motor

Picture of Unplug the Window regulator motor
These little clips are frigging annoying but they work well at keeping plugs plugged...

Step 7: Unbolt the window regulator from the door and the window.

Picture of unbolt the window regulator from the door and the window.
you should now be able to slide the glass up through the top of the door and out of the frame.

Step 8: Glass! don't break it

Picture of Glass! don't break it
set the glass out of the way in a safe place while you swap out the regulator assemblies.

Step 9: New and Old

Picture of New and Old
I made sure I had the correct regulator before I continued any further. I also wanted to inspect my old assembly to see what had gone awry. 

Step 10: Plug the plug

Picture of Plug the plug
do it now before you forget!

Step 11: Install the regulator!

Picture of install the regulator!
tighten all the hardware that attaches the regulator to the door and the window to the regulator.

Step 12: Test

Picture of test
I loose fit all the fasteners before re-installing the door panel so as to make sure the window would not bind in the channel.
then I tightened all the bolts and started reassebly

Step 13: Plug all the plugs, clip all the clips and re-install all the screws!

Picture of plug all the plugs, clip all the clips and re-install all the screws!
if you forget to clip or plug something now you'll just have to pull the panel off again... double check!

Step 14: Done!

Picture of Done!
Feel a sense of accomplishment and be happy that you no longer have to hear that horrible noise!
JohnV2025 days ago

If it's just the worm screw that is broken, and the motor is running fine, this is a brilliant, cheap and easy fix: http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Body/XJ_Power_Window_Regulator_Fix.htm

I used about 1 hour for the whole process, but almost 3 days before I found the link to this genius walkthrough :-)

The cotton pin is approx 2,2mm, and I used a 2,5 mm drill for the holes.

mikeely11 months ago

Nice write up. I just did it today! One suggestion would be to tape the window up in the door frame after unbolting it from the regulator. This eliminates taking out the sweeper and pulling the window. Thanks for the assistance so I didn't miss any steps. :)