Last week the window on my Jeep started making a horrible noise! A violent grinding sound that would make the most callous of people cringe! Here's how to fix it!

Step 1: start removing the door panel

Undo all the screws
<p>If it's just the worm screw that is broken, and the motor is running fine, this is a brilliant, cheap and easy fix: <a href="http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Body/XJ_Power_Window_Regulator_Fix.htm" rel="nofollow">http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Body/XJ_Power_Window_Regulator_Fix.htm</a></p><p>I used about 1 hour for the whole process, but almost 3 days before I found the link to this genius walkthrough :-)</p><p>The cotton pin is approx 2,2mm, and I used a 2,5 mm drill for the holes.</p>
<p>Nice write up. I just did it today! One suggestion would be to tape the window up in the door frame after unbolting it from the regulator. This eliminates taking out the sweeper and pulling the window. Thanks for the assistance so I didn't miss any steps. :)</p>

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