I have a sports watch- an ironman digital that I wear everywhere, every day. However, I hate it when the long end of the strap, the part of the adjustable strap that's not needed to go around my wrist, flies free. Usually, it's held in place with a clasp strap- that little loop above the buckle made just to hold the loose end to the watch. But mine broke.

So when my sugru arrived, I decided to make this my first sugru project: making a new clasp strap out of sugru.

Necessary materials:
-watch with missing clasp strap

Unnecessary materials (I didn't use them, but they would probably help):
-rubber band
-cling film
OR maybe Vaseline?
(pending future experimentation with sugru)

Step 1: Prepare Watch

Make sure your watch is clean; buckle it. 
This is the point at which the unnecessary materials list (see intro page) comes into play: this would be a lot easier if the end of the strap were close to the band, unlike in this picture. The trouble is, sugru bonds to everything- watch bands, aluminum foil, etc. So you might want to try putting a rubber band on it, or I hear sugru doesn't stick to cling film.. let me know what works, if you try it!
But I, fool that I am, just let it be, as shown in the picture.
This project is just what I needed, the old band on my watch just broke. Do you still have the loop on your watch, how log do you think it will last, I have never worked with sugru before.
:) It's still on! I think it should last for a while, though I haven't worked with sugru before either.
THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. I hate when that little loop breaks, I've tried replacing it with scraps of fused plastic but that doesn't work very well. Unfortunately my watch strap just ripped clean in half, and I don't think Sugru can fix that... I still want some to play with!
:) Glad you liked it! Mine actually works just like the original!<br>As for the strap.. I wouldn't be surprised if the sugru could fix that; the hardest part of this instructable was making the sugru NOT stick to things. If you try it, let me know how it works!

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