Step 4: Replacing your flint in your Zippo

Picture of replacing your flint in your Zippo
unscrew the bronze screw on the bottum of your zippo "guts."
there will be a long spring attached to this, pull it out.
turn your zippo right side up, and shake it to make sure there is no
flint or anything else in the tube. next drop the flint you cut down the tube.
replace the spring and push it down and screw it in.
it won't be flush with the bottum, but it will close.
put the lighter back together and try it out.
if the wheel doesn't spin, the flint is too big.
you can either cut it down more, or file it down with a metal file and pliers.

hey this is not new to me but i thank u for the step by steps but how do or can i take the fluid out the bic and other lighters mto use in my zippo?

chadwickp7 months ago

brother that was such a simple, well explained vid...i knew basically what 2 do, but i just hadnt thought if it til' i say your vid.

well done brother...& thanks.

i have looked everywhere for replacement flints. I.E: walmart, liqour stores, random supermarkets and gas stations but NO ONE has em. I didnt want to buy a new $10 zippo so i baught a POS BIC. My zippo has life thanks to you.
You should try jewelers that sell Zippo's they usually will have the bits and pieces necessary to service them, flints, wicks, replacement cotton and felt bottoms, best to ask because they might not have them out front.

Zippo brand flints and wick are relatively cheap here in Ireland; 1 euro to a 1.50 for a pack or five or six flints and the same for a replacement wicks i haven't yet need to replace the felt in a lighter but it should be around the same price
Amon-1002 years ago
Good Instructable something i noticed is that if you have a older Zippo that is sparking but not lighting easily. The problem may be with the spring that holds the flint to the wheel, if the spring isn't putting enough pressure on the flit it won't spark right, my solution is to put a second Zippo brand flint in tube. when your tightening down the brass screw there it should take a little extra pressure. the result should be a good strong spark that should have no problem lighting the wick. Resist the urge to just stretch the spring a little to get the same effect it will work for a short time but the spring will just end up returning to its previous shape, usually after a day or two.

A second unrelated problem that will effect the ability of Zippo lighting on the first strike is that the wick in the lighter may not be of good quality, this is common in second hand or found lighters where at some point the wick from a cheep oil lighter was used as a replacement for the original Zippo at some point. The only good long lasting solution for this is to get a Zippo brand replacement, in my experience only use the Zippo brand, other wick use synthetic fibers that that almost always burn away to nothing but the copper wire. Buy once and buy right and you wont need to worry about your Zippo's wick for a long time
I don't know why, but I'm surprised that this worked so well. My brother found a Zippo at the theater a year or two ago, and it recently ran out of fluid, and I noticed when flicking it, there was no spark. It had fuel, and it did light, so I'm not entirely sure how that happened without a spark, but now I can actually see that it's sparking, so thanks, mate!
lol, thanks a lot but i should have read all of the steps cuz when i took the wheel of the BIC the flint just shot out.
Yup same here. I finally found it after 10 minutes and it worked great! XD
jprice193 years ago
Wow, this works great! The flint from BIC lighters work much better than the Zippo brand flints. Sometimes it would take a 2/3 sparks to get the Zippo to light. Now it only takes a single spark every time. I think the thicker diameter of the BIC flint allows a better spark which is why I'm seeing a noticeable difference. Great work!
kstoner14 years ago
Do they not sell replacement flints for lighters outside the UK? I'm all for using the old flints from a dead disposable - i salvage them for clippers, but from the comments i'm reading some people seem to have not been able to get replacements.

Is the bic flint any thinner than the ones used as standard in zippos? some of the flints on the super cheap chinese lighters are and they just get wedged in the flint tube and ruin the lighter unless you get creative with a drill
rt4205 years ago
OMG it worked! I've had this Zippo sitting in my drawer for about 4years. I planned on sending it in to be fixed but decided to look onlineto see if I could fix it myself first and I found this site. It was soeasy (this coming from a female).
Thank You!
redsox1216 years ago
Dude thanks. I was just about to buy some flints, but saw this "instructable". It works great! Probably the most useful thing i've ever found on the internet! jk but pretty awesome!!
can u use the bic lighter fluid in the zippo, i do then can u please post instructions. Thanks
notthomas6 years ago
Yea my original flint shot out one day somehow, but thanks to this I have a working zippo again!
Mario16 years ago
Yeah i've tried it 2 years ago :) just ruined my zippo ;) the cheap bic flint f'ed up the wheel thingy
wilson673217 years ago
This is the best internet video I have every seen. It worked great. This way i dont have to buy flint from ZIPPO or go to a store or somthing. I had it all at my house. Thanks a ton
evando7 years ago
the flint that came with my zippo fell out, not sure how but it did, managed to find it and put it back in using this idea, gd to know I can use any flint too, for if/when this one wears out, thanks mate.
Dude im justa 14 y/o kid and the zippo i got gave me a peaice of crap flint, so i somehow found this and stole my older sisters BIC. I followed all the steps and it worked!!!...thats so awesome...thank you whoever put this information down with the pictures...u just made my week....thats probably one of the coolest little tricks ive even learned...haha im into little things like that THANKSS