Step 4: Preparation part 3

Picture of Preparation part 3
Now the critical part of the preparation.
I had my precious new screen to glue the back of.

I spread a layer of glue over the whole back of it ,avoiding the circuit board flap to the side.
The glue was easiest to spread with my fingers.
Then I spread a corresponding layer onto the black plastic which was already stuck to the metal frame.

When they were ready,  I positioned the display panel so that the circuit board flap had room to fold around the metal frame where there is a piece of heavy duty double sided plastic the exact shape and size to take it.
I laid the display on the glue and then lay it face down on the foam packing that the display was delivered in, wrapped the circuit board flap to the back and held it down to the double sided strip.

I left it about 15 minutes and went and had a cup of tea.

The picture is of some of the glass shards from the dead screen ,these were the biggest bits. They are razor sharp.