Replacement Earbuds





Introduction: Replacement Earbuds

These earbuds sound great and look cool. You will need: A disc drive from a offed computer. Two ear buds such as scull candy*. Various tools such as screw drivers.

Step 1: Remove Cover of the Disc Player

Step 2: Remove the Front Circuit Board

Remove The Front Circuit Board and cut the ribbon wire

Step 3: Unfasten the Turquoise Protector

Un Fasten The Turquoise Protector and Unscrew the screws that the main motor is connected to

Step 4: Remove the Black Cross Beam Holding the Turquoise Protecters

Squeeze the sides of the beam to remove

Step 5: Remove the Turquoise Protectors

Step 6: Take Off the Existing Rubber Earpiece

Step 7: Squeeze the Big End of the NEW Earpiece

Squeeze The Big End Of The NEW Earpieces. slip it over the end of the head phones.

Step 8: Finish

You can add a spot of glue if you want to. Note this will probably void your warranty.



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