Replacing Engine Vacuum Hoses!



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Introduction: Replacing Engine Vacuum Hoses!

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I Got this set of 4 sizes of silicone vacuum hoses off Here is how I replaced the 17 year old rubber hoses in my car.

Step 1: Replacing the Brake Vacuum Hose.

Using my birdbeak pliers I removed the spring clamps and took off the hose for the master booster cylinder. The second biggest Size vacuum hose is what I used to reinstate the vacuum connection complete with tbolt clamps on either end.

Step 2: Replacing the Fuel Pressure Regulator Hose.

The thin vacuum hose to the fuel pressure regulator was easy to remove and replace with the appropriate size silicone hose. I put tbolt clamps as well here too.

Step 3: Replacing the Radiator Reservoir Bottle Hoses.

Just for good measure I did the same to the radiator Coolant reservoir. Silicone is high temperature tolerant and resistant to corrosion. It is however very easy to cut so in the future I will be careful around any of my new silicone hoses.



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