When the 15 year old NiCad batteries in your personal G.A. aircraft are starting to die and not charging correctly Here's an awesome Hack that can make your plane crank like it's brand new again!

Step 1: What You Start Out With:

 A whole bunch of 1.2 ish volt NiCad cells in series they create 24 volts. Many General Aviation planes run on 24V this particular plane is a Scottish Aviation Bulldog produced for the Swedish Airforce for pilot training and emergency combat operations
You can also drain the battery until each cell reads less than 0.3V, install a short clip on each, and let them sit for no less than 16 hours. Then, recharge using standard charging methods. Should bring them to life with less hassle. Or better yet, take it to your mechanic, who knows how to utilise this method.
We had some cells that were shorting out internally, and the battery was verymuch over-due for replacement. We fly into a lot of places that have limited or no services. This conversion seemed like the safest option for our application. As the plane is aerobatic we also wanted the added security of a sealed cell.<br>
Where can one get NiCad or NiMh cells like that?
The original cells may be available through aircraft restoration and parts houses. Our replacement batteries came directly from Odyssey Batteries http://www.odysseybattery.com/<br>
is this even FAA legal....?
Yep!<br>The plane is under the &quot;experimental&quot; classification and all work was completed under the supervision of an FAA certified A&amp;P mechanic.
I am looking for 3 of those Ni Cad cases. Do you know where I can get a few of them. I want to do this in my aircaft, (experimental) Please let me know if you know where I can get 3 old cases or used batteries I can remove. <br>Thank you <br>colyergreg@aol.com
Please tell me a bit more about the batteries you used? I have an old Swedish Air Force Bulldog - 053 email - wsairshow@earthlink.net Many thanks Steve
&nbsp;Sure, here are a few pics. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> <a href="http://gallery.me.com/mattmc81#100149&amp;view=grid&amp;bgcolor=black&amp;sel=0" rel="nofollow">gallery.me.com/mattmc81#100149&amp;view=grid&amp;bgcolor=black&amp;sel=0</a><br />
Can we see some more of the plane?<br /> <br /> L<br />

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