Halloween lights are great for decorating! They can make your haunted scenes just as, if not more interesting at night than during the day. But sometimes, (and we've all done it before), we get too overexcited and connect too many light strings together, resulting and a blown fuse, and a string of non-working lights. It is quite easy to fix this problem by replacing the fuse of the lights, all it takes are a few tools and two spare minutes.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-A string of lights with a blown fuse.
-Two replacement fuses that match your voltage requirements.
-A thin tool to pry the blown fuses out of the plug.
So to keep them untangled, at your local grocery store buy some "old-fashioned" brown paper lunch bags. When putting the lights away, wrap them carefully around the palm of your other hand. Insert into bag. No more tangles
That's a great idea! Thanks! :)
Nice 'ible. Is you're next one detangling Halloween Lights ;)?
Haha no! That would be TOO too simple... I only did this one (and yes I know it's simple) because it doesn't come on the instructions for certain kinds of lights (namely the ones in the ible). :/
Hey, you took my quick fix. Now I won't look like a genius when I fix it... at least you save people money in replacing lights that still work.
:) :)
Nice one! Now to un-tangle the lights....
Haha, yeah, that took a while...

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