Step 4: Choosing the Correct Side for the Link

You'll notice there is a slight off-set in the shaft of the link, this off-set needs to turn in when looking at the vehicle from the front. So when you are looking at the passengers side link, it will go up, then off-set to the right and then continue up and attach to the sway-bar. Then the drivers side link, it will go up, then off-set to the left and then continue up and attach to the sway-bar.
<p>Thanks to your post, my husband diagnoised the problem with his 01 Wrangler. Not safe driving 70 miles a day.</p><p>Here is O'Riley's part #</p><p>K3197</p>
The excellent car, my dream...
dont use lithium grease on swaybar bushings, use graphite based grease.
AWESOME Instructable! I have a 2002 Wrangler with a full lift kit, and I've been thinking lately there is quite a bit more play in turns and correction on the highway. I bet this is part of it, and maybe some ball joint replacement is in my future as well. Thanks! - Pj
Might be time for a new steering damper, that could also cause your symptoms.
While the sway bar links are off is a good time to pull the sway bar bushings from behind the bumper and put some lithium grease in them. They will make an awful squeaking noise if they get too dried out, and it is just two extra bolts. And I'm sure you already know this, but it might be worth mentioning that it is easier to hold the torx head bolt on the link and turn the nut than vice-versa.
Awesome! I've been driving around with a broken linkage for a few weeks, it feels like I'm driving a boat! Now it's just a matter of finding time to replace it. THANKS!
NP - feel free to ask any questions if you need.

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