Replacing a Front Bumper (Honda Civic 1999)!




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Introduction: Replacing a Front Bumper (Honda Civic 1999)!

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One of my doggies went feral and ate part of my car's front bumper. After 2 years I decided it's time for a new look. Here is how I replaced the front bumper.

Step 1: Removing the Bumper.

My car has two 10mm bolts holding up the bumper front the bottom of the subframe. Also below are 4 screws that need to come out. On the top side there are some plastic plugs that I tore off since they refused to come out willingly.

Step 2: The Removed Bumper.

Here is the old one off. I needed to do some more salvage work before I put it into storage.

Step 3: Taking Off the Upper Grill and License Plate Nuts.

The grill is held by 6 screws and the license plate nuts came off easily after cutting the plastic studs off.

Step 4: The New Bumper!

Ah here it is. For 960ttd this will be my new Bumper.

Step 5: Putting in the License Plate Nuts and the Grill.

I used my birdbeak pliers to press the nuts on the plastic studs. After I put on the grill.

Step 6: Installing Onto the Car.

Installing was the reverse of removal. Now my car has brand new bump and it took me an hour to do this. I hope my dogs don't snack on it this time!



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    Well not me But I will carry it into the shop sometime in 2017. Thanks for the thumbs up!