Replacing a Map Sensor (Hyundai Trajet/sonata)


Introduction: Replacing a Map Sensor (Hyundai Trajet/sonata)

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Here is how to replace an aged map sensor for this vehicle. The replacement sensor is map only whereas the oem is map and iat.

Step 1:

The sensor is on the surge tank of the intake air manifold and held by two 10mm hex bolts. I removed the negative of the battery and the sensor connector needs to be disconnected.

Step 2: The Oem Sensor.

The protrusion from the sensor is the iat component. The new sensor does not have this and the ecm will assume a preset value. In the hot climate I live in the lack of an iat makes zero difference to engine efficiency so long as the oxygen sensor is in good condition.

Step 3: The Installed New Sensor.

The new sensor fits in perfect and once the connector and battery were restored, the vehicle ran perfectly fine. In cold countries the iat sensor component may be necessary but here it is definitely not necessary.



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