At one point I replaced a passenger side mirror, which broke due to some water/ice build up. To do so, one has to remove the door.

"Sure!" I thought. "I'll figure out how to do that." I assumed the door slipped over the plastic thing that goes around the door handle. I was wrong, but I had to break it to figure this out.

Step 1: Unscrew the Assebly

Oh! There's a screw! Um. Now I know.

There's a small panel just above the handle. You'll need a small screw driver to pry it open. After doing so, there's a phillips head screw to unscrew, and the whole thing comes off.

Learn from my pain.

Step 2: Unscrew the Door Lock

There are two small screws that hold the door lock and wires onto the assembly. Remove them.

Step 3: Replace and Repair

Screw the lock mechanism into the new assembly. Put it back in the door, and reattached the main screw. Close up the panel, and you're done!
=o On our 92 Accord coupe, something similar happened, except the ENTIRE THING BROKE IN HALF. To fix it is a matter of removing two screws, but the local Honda dealer says the part is no longer available, and the nearest junkyard is very, very, far away.&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
i don't know if they have it where you live but here (in Germany) there is a website where you can send a request to all (participating) junkyards in the country and they'll send you offers for the part. i recently got a front door window that way for cheap. btw. to replace it i had to disassemble the door, too, but i had instructions already. saved me about 200€. in fact, i prefer to buy cars where instructions (Haines or the like) are available. for new cars i know people who buy the garage manuals.
Southpole: Hey! I'm in Switzerland and I need a new front door for my mazda 6 aswell. i can't get anything in ebay or ricardo so I'm trying to look in Germany for that. Can you tell me which site you mean? Thanks! Jeffrey: That's surely gonna save me a huge headache! (I'm very temperamental sometimes! :P) MASSIVE thanks on your tip!
hi xeus, sorry i only noticed your question now ... its www.autoverwerter.de
ahh cool! (it can be very frustrating to fix an interrior part of a car without instructions heh.
Indeed. I generally try to figure out if I can replace whatever it is I might break, and if so, I go for it.

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