Replacing a Water Pump Filter Element.



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Introduction: Replacing a Water Pump Filter Element.

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The water pump filter I have is pretty damned clogged up. Here is how I replaced the filter element.

Step 1: Preparing the Filter.

First I turned the top valve on the filter to lock off the water supply. Next I removed the clamp holding the filter.

Step 2: Getting the Filter Element Out.

Using the spanner for the filter I unscrewed the assembly. Now the element and holder are out. See how mucky the water looks?

Step 3: Cleaning the Element Holder.

Once I removed and discarded the old element, I cleaned the assembly to remove the algae.

Step 4: The New Filter.

The new element goes into the assembly jar with the rubber gasket up.

Step 5: Completion!

Screwing the assembly back in place and turned back on the valve on top, the job is done!



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