Introduction: Replacing a Mica Window (Glimmerfenster) in a Meller Oven

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The mica window in meller ovens was old, ugly and hat a whole. It affects the draught of the wohle thing. So it have to be replaced. Getting old replacements for ovens can be a pain. Maybe you have to google little longer, or order overseas.

Step 1: Loosen the Screws

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After thoroughly lubricate with MOS ², the screws can be loosened carefully

Step 2: Old Seal and Mica Window

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The seal and the mica window are no longer continue using and can later be discarded. Next, we need to make a new gasket from a Feuerfetsenplatte and of course get a mica window. For now, we keep the parts to compare!

Step 3: Making New Seal

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With the help of the metal frame on the new seal sketch out, and cut it with a knife hobbyists. Taking care to seal the frame should not be too thick, and can break easily!

Step 4: Cut Mica Window

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Best to cut the mica window with scissors

Step 5: Trick With the Adhesive

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The trick is not to get mad when installing is all three parts in the correct order - Gasket, mica window frame and metal adhesive glue together with a normal household. Thus, the net screws slip nothing more.

Step 6: At the Conclusion

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I had to also flex a few longer screws yet. The originals were too short with the new seal. But you must not be too long. The thread in the oven door is not very deep. I still recommend the screws so well greased at the next repair is a good chance all aufzubekommen again.


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