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A while back I let my wife use my truck to drive to Iowa to get some used baby furniture from a friend. I sent her with some tie down straps, tarps and bungee cords to tie down and cover the furniture on the 6 hour drive home. Needless to say, one of the bungee cords that was attached to the tarp came loose on her way home and beat the tar out of my tailgate while flapping in the wind.

Step 1: Overview

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I took my truck to two different body shops to have the tailgate repainted and the cheapest quote was $500. I'm not joking, $500. Someone at work mentioned I should check the junk yards. Since I'm a huge fan of junk yards, I was in. I checked 2 local junkyards and only found one tailgate that would fit my truck, but it was dented and wouldn't really work.

I finally found a body shop 3 -4 hours away on eBay. I bought a brand new tailgate painted with factory color for $250 shipped. I estimated it would take about 1 hour to do the swap. I'd trade an hour of my time any day to save $250.
CrLz4 years ago
Nice, thorough.  Saving $250 bucks makes for a great Instructable!

Did you re-sell the old gate on eBay? (or will it be a future coffee table...)
gdhenson (author)  CrLz4 years ago
Think I will be putting it up on Craigslist today for $50
gdhenson (author)  gdhenson4 years ago
Tailgate is SOLD
you might be getting a call from me then haha
paganwonder4 years ago
A Coffee Table! What a great idea- I'm sure I've seen something like that in a boutique for mega-bucks. (As a Ford Pick-up fan from infancy I would love to put my feet up on a tailgate while watching Top Gear). Off to the junk yard....
Yea, saw a coffee table project that some friends recreated in college. Then we could "tailgate party" at home, when we couldn't make it to the game...