Picture of Replacing an Electric Window Regulator
The electric windows on my truck stopped working several years ago. The motor on the driver's side stopped responding (glad it was up at the time) and the passenger's side window got stuck and the gears stripped out. The only time I needed the windows to go down was when I went to the drive-thru, so I just opened the door and pretended I was driving a Jeep. Well, there was a couple of years where the a/c quit too, but I managed to survive.

Everything changed at the last inspection. I made the mistake of going to a different shop and they insisted that windows must work in order to pass inspection. I realized fixing the windows was cheaper than a new truck. 

A new Instructable was born.

For those wondering, the truck is a 1994 Mazda B-3000. It's the same thing as a Ford Ranger.
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Step 1: Tools Required

Picture of Tools Required
The first step is to gather some tools: 
  • A drill for drilling out the rivets
  • A couple of screwdrivers (flat and phillips)
  • Some tape
  • Pliers
  • A hammer and a punch
  • A socket wrench and box wrench
  • And a magnetic retrieval tool (you WILL drop some screws into the door)
You will also need some parts:
  • A window regulator (or two)
  • A pop-rivet gun and some rivets (a note - I couldn't find one with large enough rivets, so I bought some bolts and nuts)
  • Bolts/nuts if you can't find a pop-rivet gun big enough
  • Some lubricant