Replacing an Engine Mount.




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Introduction: Replacing an Engine Mount.

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A couple months ago I replaced all the engine mounts on my Honda Civic 1999.

During the replacement of my Timing belt, the main engine mount got busted when I torqued the nut on the rubber mount's bolt. The Honda manual called for 74Nm but the bolt spun freely after 50Nm. Must have been a poor quality mount but from now on for that bolt I will not cross 40Nm!

Read on for how I replaced the busted mount in less than 20 minutes!

Step 1: Supporting the Engine.

Using my OEM car jack, I supported the oil sump using a piece of wood as a buffer.

Step 2: ‚ÄčRemoving the Busted Mount.

Removing the (3) 14mm bolts and (3) 17mm nuts, I took out the bogus mount. You can see the cracks on the rubber damper.

Step 3: Comparison.

Here is a side by side pic of old and new. The new one came with a lock washer and nut which I didn't bother to use.

Step 4: Installing the New Mount.

Putting in the replacement was straightforward. Once I torqued the nuts and bolts (the 3 bolts and mount nut to 40Nm, the two 17mm nuts to 60Nm), I removed the support jack and the job is now complete!



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    wow, nice. recently, a shop charged me 1,000 usd for changing the front engine mounts on her 1997 mercedes. I think it was too much.

    1 reply

    Mounts are easy to change diy. Sorry you got charged so much money.