Replacing an Ultrabook (Asus UX21E) Keyboard

Picture of Replacing an Ultrabook (Asus UX21E) Keyboard
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I spilled a ginger-ale on my ultrabook's keyboard, and had to replace the keyboard. I noticed that there were some teardown pictures of the Asus UX21E online, but they all seemed to stop at taking the bottom of the laptop off. 

This information in this Instructable is specific to the Asus UX21E, but by reading my tips and following the general disassembly lessons you should be able to work on your own laptop.

That being said taking apart electronics has the potential to damage or destroy the electronics, so don't try to repair your own computer unless you know what you're doing. 

You need a couple of supplies before you begin this process:
Screwdriver set with Torx bits
Ice Cube Tray
New Keyboard

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Step 1: Take the Back Cover Off

Picture of Take the Back Cover Off
kb_repair_ (5).jpg
kb_repair_ (6).jpg
The back cover has ten screws. There are eight short screws and two long screws.

Do Not Use the Wrong Size or Type of Screw Driver!

Take out the eight short screws and put them into the first slot in the ice cube tray.

Now take out the two long screws and put them in the second slot in the ice cube tray. 

Step 2: Remove the Battery

The battery has five screws two silver screws and three black screws 

Remove the screws and put them into the second slot in the ice cube tray.

Step 4: Remove the Cooling System

Picture of Remove the Cooling System
There are seven screws in the cooling system two silver and five black. 

First remove the five black screws, and place them in the next ice cube tray slot.
Next remove the two silver screws, and place them in the next ice cube tray slot.

The cooling system will be stuck down slightly to the CPU. take your fingernail and hook it under the leftmost black screw hole and lift slowly and gently. Be particularly careful while pulling the cooling system off of the CPU.

Hi there, How do I ensure that I get the right keyboard fo my Asus? Where can I check my serial number? Thanks Peter

gregr (author)  Peter.Watts.233 months ago

The part numbers that I have noted for the keyboard on *this* laptop are MP-11A93US6528 & 0NK0-LX1US021e

I had to take apart the laptop to get at these numbers...

Vilse1 year ago
you could change the title to "replace anything in Asus UX21E". now i don't have to pick mine apart to check things
great info and pics! I didn't realize it was so hard to get to the keyboard!