Replacing an Upper Radiator Hose (Hyundai Trajet)


Introduction: Replacing an Upper Radiator Hose (Hyundai Trajet)

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The OEM factory installed hoses in the 2000 Trajet are stiff, crackly and they will fail! Time to do proactive replacement!

Step 1: Removing the Old Hose.

Due to age and heat, the old rubber hose was firmly bonded onto the engine and radiator nipples. Using a a firm grip on the hose, the ends were removed.

See the sediment lining the inside of the hose? Not a good sign.

Step 2: Comparing Oem and Aftermarket.

The oem is form molded for the car but the aftermarket is flexible enough to work well.

Step 3: Installing the New Hose.

Installation was quite easy. I used SS hose clamps to secure the ends onto the nipples.

A full gallon of Coolant was needed to fill back the cooling system.

Now the engine has a new radiator hose. Next job is to find the lower hose and replace it!



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