Do you have buttons on your xbox controller that stick and mess your games up? Are you tired of looking at your boring standard black or white controller? Do you want to impress your friends with a dazzling, sexy controller? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, your not alone! You simply want an upgrade!  Hello everyone! Gassybeans here, today I'm going to show you how to remove your basic black or white shell, and also how to instal a better-looking shell. Get some music, the parts list, and a pair of hands... and get ready to upgrade that boring controller!
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Step 1: Project Parts and Necessities

So lets get straight into the project! You are going to need the following parts

1- Torx T10 saftey screwdriver
1- Torx T8 saftey screwdriver
1- Phillips Screw Driver (optional)
1- New Xbox360 shell
1 small bag or box

Lets get those hands working now. In this instructable, i will be demonstrating the instalation with a MadModz silver chrome xbox controller that I purchased from Amazon.

Step 2: Locating/Removing Screws

Picture of Locating/Removing Screws
In this step, you will locate the 7 screws holding your xbox controller together. After you locate these screws, use your Torx T8 to remove these screws. Like shown

Step 7: Add the D-Pad and Rubber Thingamajigs

Picture of Add the D-Pad and Rubber Thingamajigs
Simply adding the D-Pad!