Replacing Rear Suspension Upper Control Arms (Honda Civic 1999 EK3).




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Introduction: Replacing Rear Suspension Upper Control Arms (Honda Civic 1999 EK3).

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My honda civic 1999 has had its upper control arms in service since 1999! Time for a changeout.

Step 1: Safety First and Removing the Tire.

Handbrake up, wheels chucked, safety stand, car raised, wheel removed. Easy eh?

I used power lube on all the 14mm bolts for this job.

Step 2: Removing the Old Control Arm.

I loosened the three bolts. The upper two I took off first then the third was the last one. See the side by side comparison of the new and old?

Step 3: Installing the New Arm.

I raised my suspension to simulate the car resting on its wheel. For me that is 14 inches from the inside of the tire well to the spindle nut centre.

The two bolts to the chassis were the first to be bolted back and torqued. The third bolt was the last. The control arm has a flat edge that must face the ground. The other edge is curved and that faces up.

Easy changeout! Yet another item off the car maintenance checklist.



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    2 Tips

    I believe that the first picture shows the arm being installed on the wrong side. This arm should be put on the opposite side of the car. You can see the difference in curvature of the old arm and new one. The new arm is curved on the opposite side as the old one.

    You are very perceptive. That pic was actually in error but the entire installation was done properly and quite successful.