Introduction: Replacing the Distributor Without Using a Timing Light (Honda Civic 1999 D15B)

Picture of Replacing the Distributor Without Using a Timing Light (Honda Civic 1999 D15B)

Continuing with my preventative maintenance program on my car, the 16 year old distributor in the engine will be changed out to a new unit in this instructable.

As per the Honda service manual, I began with the removal of the OEM distributor.

This instructable is about a distributor replacement without having to use a timing light to get the ignition timing as with the oem distributor.

Step 1: Removing the OEM Distributor.

Picture of Removing the OEM Distributor.

I put a line on two of the distributor mounting flanges and then I took off the spark plug wires. Luckily the pics I took will guide me to put the wires back into place for the new one.

I removed the connector by prying the holding clip on the metal bracket.

Using the metal bracket I took measurements on the top and left bolt washers. The top bolt washer is 5mm from the flange edge. The left one is 7mm. Again I used the metal bracket on the distributor to steady my measuring tape.

Three bolts to remove and the distributor pulled out of the engine camshaft easily.

Step 2: Comparing the Old and New.

Picture of Comparing the Old and New.

They look more or less identical. I'm happy that new distributors are still on sale via Amazon.

Before installing the new distributor I made sure to turn the shaft to line up as with the oem. See the last pic for that.

Step 3: Installing the New Distributor.

Picture of Installing the New Distributor.

I used a rag to clean the area around the camshaft. I put some oil on the o rings and slotted the new distributor in place. Using the measuring tape I made sure to get the bolts and flange edges identical to the oem position.

Step 4: Completion and Testing.

Picture of Completion and Testing.

The electrical connector needs to be mated first with both halves then slid into the metal support bracket. After putting back the spark plug wires, I cranked her up and she works perfectly!

No need to spend money on a one use timing light! I hope this instructable has been helpful to fellow civic folks.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-10-24

Great repair job.


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