Introduction: Replacing the Lower Radiator Hose on a Hyundai Trajet/sonata.

Picture of Replacing the Lower Radiator Hose on a Hyundai Trajet/sonata.

The 16year old hose in the car is soft and prone to failure. I ordered the replacement from and went ahead to do a proactive changeout.

As you see one of my doggies doesn't care about being proactive. Don't be like that. Take charge of your vehicle and replace aging components before failure.

Step 1: Removing the Old Hose.

Picture of Removing the Old Hose.

A 10mm socket with Ratchet to remove the radiator fan. Next an 8mm socket to remove the radiator hoses. As you can see some corrosion on the engine side.

Step 2: Installing the New Hose.

Picture of Installing the New Hose.

Here is a side by side pic of the old and new lower hoses. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Step 3: Refill With Coolant.

Picture of Refill With Coolant.

Using low cost premix Coolant I filled the reservoir and let the air bubbles come out.

Step 4: Testing and Completion.

Picture of Testing and Completion.

I started the engine and let it come up to temperature while observing for any leaks below the engine. Once there were no more escaping air bubbles in the reservoir, I put on the pressure Cap. I waited till the radiator fan came on and seeing no leaks I shutoff the car.

Now the car has a fresh radiator hose and ready for service.


That Redhead (author)2016-05-10

You are incredible! Us there anything you can't fix???

lol blush. I can't fix a broken heart.

jmwells (author)2016-03-26

You should run the heater to get any air out of there as well.

Mjtrinihobby (author)jmwells2016-03-26

Our cars don't have the heaters connected. We live in a hot climate. Heat while driving a car can kill us here.

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