Replacing the Power Steering Pump in My Honda Civic 1999



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Introduction: Replacing the Power Steering Pump in My Honda Civic 1999

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My old yet functional power steering pump had a warped pulley. I ordered a new pump and pulley and today I did the changeout.

Using 12mm socket I loosened the two bolts on the pump. Also a chassis strap I removed to give me more work room.

Step 1: Remove the Belt.

With the pump loose, the belt was easy enough to remove. I took off the stone guard to help ease the work. The Power Steering fluid reservoir I removed from its bracket to give me extra working space.

Step 2: Disconnect the Suction and Discharge Lines.

These were easy enough to drop out.

Step 3: Comparing Old and New.

Yes the new one is so shiny, its ready for service with some preparatory work.

Step 4: Remove the Old Nut and Suction Port.

Sadly the new pump didn't come with a new nut or suction port. No matter, since I easily removed the old port. I

removed the nut using my pulley holder and rachet.

Step 5: Install the Pulley and Suction Port on the New Pump.

The pulley holder, rachet and torque tool made the new pulley install so easy. The cleaned up suction port was put on last after removing the protective caps.

Step 6: Install the New Pump!

Installation is the reverse of removal, duh. Some fluid was lost so I topped off the reservoir. I test drove the car later and she work so fine! Easy 2 hour job!



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