So gradually over the last two years or so, we have been experiencing a decline in the ability to use the control knob on our LG washer - Model WM2032HW. The cycle selection knob was a type that selected electronically, and the electrical contacts I figured were either wearing out or developed some issue. This control knob was integrated into an electronic "User Interface" board and needed replacing.

How hard could it be?

Well what I found out was that it is not hard at all. Now I am not a professional installer, and took on the install at my own risk, if choose to do your own install you run the same risk. For me this replacement was simple and straightforward, and would have taken anyone no more than half hour. Including taking the pictures I did this replacement in about 15min.

Step 1: Get the Part Ordered.

Before anything, you will need the correct part. I searched for the "LG WM2032HW parts" and found the LG part number listed for the user interface board. A second search using LG and the part number, readily located suppliers for the part. I ordered mine for about $80 through a vendor on Amazon.
Well done! I was a technician for years and have replaced many many boards like that. Regardless of the board the basic steps are the same as you have laid out. I would only suggest that if you are new to replacing stuff, take notes as you go along. I remember when working on new equipment (new to me), I would take and screw different screws into cardboard with sketches so that I could see how they went back. <br> <br>Nicely done. Brings back many fun memories.
Thankyou. I partly took the photos to document what I was doing - just in case I needed a reference.
nice instructable

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