Replacing the Batteries on a Dremel Stylus





Introduction: Replacing the Batteries on a Dremel Stylus

I had burnt one of the cells in the dremel stylus by overcharging them ( faulty base charger )... I tried looking for replacement batteries on the dremel site but found none for the stylus..

So i looked for similar batteries and found 3.6v single cell 2400 mAh batteries from sanyo which could be a direct replacement for the batteries .

The problem with the replacement cells is that they have to be spot welded to make the complete battery.. 

Since i didnot have a option of doing that i made a holder for the replacemnet cells instead so that the cells could be held together to make the battery

Step 1: Tools Needed

philips head screwdriver
paper knife/ stanley knife
soldering iron

Step 2: Opening the Dremel

remove the triangular plastic piece from the front end .... then remove the 3 screws holding the dremel together ...

Carefully unclamp the dremel by inserting a straight screw driver on the side

Step 3: Gathering the Parts for the Holder

parts needed :

double sided general copper clad board
3 mm brassPCB spacers 
3.6V lithium ion cells
2 mm screws..

Step 4: Making the Struts

assemble the spacers as shown in the image

Step 5: Making the Base and Top

Cut the copper board to the size of the batteries. 

drill 2 mm holes on the two edges of the boards

remove the battery board from the original batteries

solder copper plates to the copper boards to make good contact with the batteries

solder the battery board from the original batteries to the top board 

finally bolt the pcb spacer struts to the boards using 2mm screws 

Step 6: Putting the Holder Together

assemble the holder together and grind the edges to round them off so that they fit into the dremel

Step 7: Soldering the New Holder to the Dremel

solder the top plate to the battery leads in the right orientation

Step 8: Assembling Back

assemble the battery holder and insert it back into the dremel...

make sure to orient the battery plate in the right orientation ...

thats all.... if the batteries are inserted in the right orientation the dremel should work.... 



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Don't forget to check inside the charger too. You could find a damaged capacitor inside doing a bad charge to your batteries

Which type of rechargable batteries do you used?

I tried 18650 with safing pcb and there are too big.

How are the batteries plugged up for charging, now? Can you still use the charging base that came with the Stylus?

the batteries work exaclty like the original batteries .. Yes you can use the original base to charge it.. That is the whole purpose of this mod

Thank you so much for this guid!!

I'm almost done doing it myself but i got stuck...

on the top plate where do i solder the dremel leads too?

and how do the buttom part of the top plate connects to top part of the plate?

see step 7 for soldering solder the black wire to the negetive terminal and the red to the positive terminal ... and see step 6 for assembing the unit...

see step 7 for soldering solder the black wire to the negetive terminal and the red to the positive terminal ... and see step 6 for assembing the unit...

Great guide!

Any advice on sourcing the batteries? Or other parts, for that matter?

I've seen the Sanyo 2600mAh rated highly elsewhere. Any idea whether the higher amperage would be unsafe? How did you select 2400?

hi poertel....


the batteries were sourced from china... they are 1300 mah .... and work great .... the sanyo batteries will work fine but will take longer to charge ......

Hi, question on choosing battery.
Will Ultrafire 2400mAh 3.7V Protected 18650 Cell be ok?
It looks like battery has higher voltage than original one, will it make any difference?