The following instructable goes over replacing the throwout bearing with the engine and transmission out of the bus. If you haven't gotten that far go here: Engine removal instructable
I'll also go over checking the transmission fluid and replacing the starter bushing.

Step 1: Tools

You'll need:
Throwout bearing
Flat head screw driver
17mm socket & wrench
17mm box wrench
15mm box wrench
clutch alignment tool
transmission drain plug allen socket
80W90 gear oil
universal grease

Also a good time to check the crankshaft end play. I find it easier to leave the tranny in the car.
It is not necessary to R and R the engine and trans to do this job. The bushing can be acessed by simply removing the starter. They make a special puller to remove the old bushing but I improvised a simple slide hammer with a hook to get the old bugger out. BTW the carb should always be covered when the air cleaner is off.
The starter bushing can be replaced with engine in. The pilot bearing you need at least the engine out. I find it is easier to drop the engine and trans together. While it is out you should check the starter bushing and replace any leaky breather lines in the gas tank compartment and put in that new fuel guage sender. Also check your flywheel seal.

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