I've been want to build something unique for some time, something I could take to the "show us ya wheels" car show and know that no one has see one of these before. Only problem not to much space in the garage and old and unique= $. I did quite a bit of research before I started this project, and  decided I wanted to build vintage Motorcycle something that looks like it came out of the 1920s or older, problem is rare+old =$$$.
 A 1912 Harley sold at auction in 2011 for $115000  There is no way I would be spending that amount.
I then came across a bike called a whizzer, made in the US, between 1939 to 1965 but they look much older,  I spoke to every motorbike nut I know none them have ever heard of a whizzer. (very rare in Australia) and when I showed my 90+ year old neighbour a photograph of one he said, he thought his dad had one when he was a kid and it was old then! Perfect!  if I can fool him I should be able to fool some more people at the car show!
After a bit more research I found that a company in Taiwan has started making  replica engines, and the frame is almost Identical to a schwinn beach cruiser bike.
Looks like everything got a whole lot easier, and less expensive.
If you have a look at the photos on this step you can see whizzer engines fitted to different frames.
as requested here is a video of the finished bike,

whizzer video


Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

  • You will need to find yourself a beach cruiser bike, with the large balloon tires, There seems to be quite a few Schwinn copies around, which have the same frame design. I found here in Australia that a proper Schwinn beach cruiser with any age is very rarely for sale and when they do come up a very long way from where I live.  I settled for a " six three zero" copy of a schwinn $70 from ebay
  • The engine kit also came from ebay $770 + $140 freight.
  • I also had to buy a springer front fork. ebay $70
  • guards or fenders also from ebay $60
  • wide peddle crank $37
  • drill and bits
  • spanners, sockets and Allen keys
  • vice
  • hack saw
  • mig welder
  • grinder
  • paint, sand paper, masking tape
  • drinking straws
<p>Awesome instructable! I'm falling in love with these bikes and want to do something similar, but to save some money i'd use the 2-stroke chinese kits :P</p>
I can not find the fenders, could you please help me with the eBay seller who has them, please
You deserve to win this contest. Great Instructable.
Thanks Tater
<p>Good job on your first place win. I knew it was a winner.</p>
I'm curious on whether or not you unlaced the rims before you sanded it down, as well as where you got your headlight or it's product name.
No I just sanded them with the spokes still on, I found the head light on a in old bike in a pile of rubbish.
I've been building mine ever since I came across this amazing instructable about a month ago :)<br> http://25.media.tumblr.com/0ee30a1bf423c14c82218174b96362d8/tumblr_msksuiZvnb1spd8lvo1_1280.jpg
Thanks , you know you can post photos here if you like, looks like you've found the hardest piece the frame it looks good so far.
This has to be my favorite instructables, you should consider entering it to the bicycle and wheels and or the motorcycle and cars contest!
Thanks, instructables are only able to be entered into comps for a short time, and it won some prizes in the Up contest and the bike contest early in the year. The bike is on loan to a car museum at the moment.
great work!!
That's a real cool bike. I'm going to start building one. If I get stuck with something I hope I can count on you liquidhandwash! Awesome bike!
thanks gooze
Wow, very awesomely documented and great overall instructable. I built a motorized bicycle before, and I'm pretty impressed with your mounts lol (i used a hockey puck and a U bolt). <br> <br>Awesome Job
thanks husamwadi
I got a similar motor kit from www.zoombicycles.com and the kit was about 150and $10 for shipping to Canada.
Those are the Chinese 2 stroke kits and are quite different, you can pick them up on ebay even cheaper $99. <br>The engine I used is a copy of a whizzer, 4 stroke 150cc belt drive, first made in the mid 1930s.
Wow! A most fine job done with care, precision and knowhow. I'm awstruck! Thanks for that, liquidhandwash!
Beautiful!, Congratulations!
Just curious. How fast does this bike go?
I'm so jaleous... Too bad everything is so expensive :(
When I visited the Smithsonian in Washington DC, I found this antique with a large engine.<br> <br> <div class="media_embed"> <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/75079439@N05/6842167234/" rel="nofollow" title="Antique motorcycle by blkhawk68, on Flickr"><img alt="Antique motorcycle" height="375" src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7191/6842167234_d5342b4aeb.jpg" width="500"></a></div>
thats crazy, its it a V8
I know! Can you imagine trying to drive this thing? It's crazy!
I loved following this through the stages- fantastic 'ible &amp; great looking bike!
Great build and attention to detail. It looks great.
Wow! You have made a serious work of art! Keep it forever. :-)
Great looking bike, and great Instructable! I've been toying with this kind of idea, and this is inspiring! <br>
Thanks. I took it to a car show today, It got a lot of interest
yes..it will come off in time? =P
All paint will come off eventually, I would think that it should last 20 or 30 years, or even longer as the bike is stored under cover
Excellent project! Can you give me a link for the engine?
Awesome build, you've got me thinking now !!
Awesome build, you've got me thinking now !!
Cool instructible, although I do have one question about the first photo: Is that a modern photo made to look older, or was it from another (much earlier) era? The reason I ask is that the rider is wearing flip flops; not exactly the safest footwear for motorcycle or bicycle riding.
Its a black and white photo of the finished project, and hes not riding the bike hes posing for a photo.
whizzer is an old, OLD name. and usually sold just as the engine kit. Spookytooth cycles is a good name here in the US for the engine. kits.. <br> <br>but there are all types of ways to turn a Bicycle into a Moped. Whizzers in the US usually refers to a friction drive motor that mounts to the front of the bike and drives the front wheel directly via a shaft contacting the front tire directly. But I can get the engine kits directly from several online retailers for as little as $250
Ive never seen a whizzer engine that cheap, but there are plenty of little 2 stoke engine kits for around that price.
oh sorry! I also meant to say that your bike looks fantastic! a great job and congrats over all! <br>I'm working on converting a old Factory tricycle into a moped myself
for US folks, this company, for a decent price can get you started on a simular build. <br>http://www.spookytoothcycles.com/component/virtuemart/?page=shop.browse&amp;category_id=6 <br> <br>I am in no way affiliated with this company, just a fan and customer.
Those little 2 stroke kits bike kits just not the same, as a whizzer
these moped conversions are popular in the U.S. The main drawback to using a regular bike are the spokes, a heavier spoke/rim assembly is not only safer at speeds but would add to your old look. Check this site for heavy duty bike parts, <a href="http://worksmancycles.aitrk.com/?teng=go" rel="nofollow">http://worksmancycles.aitrk.com/?teng=go</a>&nbsp;&nbsp; I am not asociated in anyway other than I have one of their recreational heavy duty trikes and am very pleased with it. Over all I think you did a &quot;whizzer&quot; of a job ^5
Huh, never heard of workman cycles but look, they have one with red rims and a spring fork and I love the frame design. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/50487519@N05/4908510327" rel="nofollow">http://www.flickr.com/photos/50487519@N05/4908510327</a>
I had never heard of workman either until I got mine, a 3 wheeled chopper built for BIG people (upto like 600lbs) they also make cargo bikes for warehouses and other industrial use and ice cream/hotdog bikes
thanks for the link, ive been looking for some old wheels as the rims are a different shape but haven't found any yet
Its cool to paint the rims, but even if the spray it's the best..the paint will come out with the time...right?

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