I love old board games. Video games are cool, but they just don't have the same feel. Unfortunately, many of these great old games are no longer in print and are virtually impossible to obtain. Each box above costs $300-500 on the internet, with no assurance of its condition or contents. That makes the total cost of this game and its expansion pack somewhere in the $800 range, if you can even find it (Avalon Hill is no longer in business). Therefore I find the best way to play all these without your friends getting mad that you accidentally spilled coke on their valuable game is to make an inexpensive copy.

There are two ways to go about this. I will discuss both.

Step 1: The Fun Way

The fun way to do this is to draw it out. Get some particleboard, easily found at most hardware stores, in whatever thickness you want. Measure out and draw the sections on the game board on a piece. My board was easier, because I was first able to draw out the borders between territories and then use those as guides for the landscape art.

Next color in all the areas you need.This may take some experimentation with colors. I had to find three different shades of green as well as all of the other colors.

Take a look at the last two pictures. Success?
Awesome board! Great job! <br>My older brother plays Settlers of Cataan. He did a similar thing with extra road pieces and towns; he built them on his own and painted them on his own. Why pay the company tons of $ for a few pieces of plastic and paper? <br> <br>Again, nice job thinking outside of the box!
That looks good and I agree, some of those old board games are great, and it's a shame they are so hard to get, but it's important to note that there is copyright and intellectual property involved and you COULD land in hot water for making a direct copy. (Even if the company no longer exists it may have been absorbed into a larger entity don't want THOSE lawyers on your back) <br> <br>That said, if the game is out of print and genuine versions are that expensive, I think most people will forgive you for making ONE copy for personal use. As long as you don't start selling them. <br> <br>It would be worth considering making a few changes though, maybe a different map or some other variation, if only for the sake of creativity. <br> <br>Thanks for sharing your project.
Thank you for bringing up that point and I agree, it's definitely not right to start making and selling these. I just intend to play with my friends and retain the copies I make. However, it is always helpful to have this skill for repair if no replacement parts are available.

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