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My Replicator 2 started making noises and "shifting" layers on the X axis. The problem appears to be an intermittent break in the ribbon cable leading to the X axis motor. Removing the "kink" and holding the wire straight allows me to continue functioning while I pursue obtaining a new cable.

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Print the brace (if you can). If the jitter is too bad, try making a cardboard/tape splint to enable you to print the better brace.

Remove the right side panel (six hex bolts).
Remove the "pin" that secures two ribbon cables to the X axis motor and motor stop.

The bending occurs where the cable is held tightly (toward the back of the Replicator).

Slide the cable out of the slot, flatten the kink, and place the brace over the kink area. Leave the cable out of the slot.

Now, at least for me, this puts me back in operation.


seamster (author)2014-11-19

Great fix. Thanks for sharing this!

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