My father has custom kitchen cabinets, and when he decided to add a few more cupboards, he was unable to find matching molding trim for the doors.  He sent me a sample, and I made some more of it using Autodesk Inventor and the Shopbot.

Step 1: Scan the Sample, Trace Its Outline

I scanned the small sample on a flatbed scanner. I imported this image into Autodesk inventor, and reproduced the profile using a series of spline curves. Once I was satisfied that my profile was "close enough", I made an extrusion of the sketch.  I limited it to 12" long, as I wanted to check the profile against the sample before committing the time and hardwood to the project. 

I exported the extrusion in the STL format, and loaded it into Vectric's Cut3 tool-path software, and created a cut file.  I selected an 1/8", ball end router bit to do the cutting. 

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