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finally i've finished my armor, the last task was to craft a backpack. Here it is, one more instructable

Step 1: Starting Work

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Materials you need:
1) PVC plastic
2) super glue
3) paint
4) primer
5) PVC tubes
6) electronics
7) pepakura and model of backpack

Step 2: Nothing Special

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The first thing you need is to print patterns using pepakura and to craft a basis out of PVC. I've found in the internet only standart RC backpack, but later i decided to make a Scorch-style one, so i draw patterns of additional details which are obligatory for tubes. Theese tubes you can made out of PVC tubes, bought in any hardware store

Step 3: Additional Electronics

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You can add any LEDs, i've made lights in "tubes" and in indicator

Step 4: After That You Can Paint It, Make Some Weathering and Battle Damage. Thank You for Attention, Good Luck in Craft!

Picture of After That You Can Paint It, Make Some Weathering and Battle Damage. Thank You for Attention, Good Luck in Craft!


MartínF59 (author)2017-10-09

Does anyone have the model? I didn´t find it anywhere. Actually, I found the file, but the link was broken and there wasn´t any other link available. If someone manages to find it, please let me know

crazycraftpro88 (author)2016-12-08

Can you make an 'ible on your amazing costume?

EvgenR (author)crazycraftpro882016-12-08

Sorry, didn't catch. What's "an 'ible"?

crazycraftpro88 (author)EvgenR2016-12-09

Its instructables speak for a instructable. Can you make one on your costume.

tr0lldr0id made it! (author)2016-11-01

here it is. didn't manage to add any sort of rig to attach guns to it, like I wanted to, but it's something I'll probably work on when I make an RC costume (possibly next year, I;m not sure)

tr0lldr0id (author)2016-10-18

do you have a template, or know where to find one?

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-10-18

I don't remember, where exactly I've found it, just Google smth like "Republic Commando backpack pepakura"

tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-10-19

Ok I'll do that. One last question though: does the backpack you have actually function as a backpack, or is it just made to look like one?

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-10-21

No, only a part of costume, i can't open it or do something else with it)

tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-10-21

Oh, ok that simplifies things. I thought you could actually put stuff in it

tr0lldr0id (author)2016-10-03

that's cool! I'll probably use this next year when I make an RC costume, although I don't think I'll add the bombs. thanks!

P.S. where were those photos taken? I've never learned much about it, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I always got the impression that Russia was snowier than that

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-10-06

Hi! Russia is not always covered with snow, just only in winter. And there is no bears on the streets ;D
The photos were taken in one nice place "Поджуково", you can Google it if you want to see more pictures. Anyway, how's your costume going, is there anything new? About RC backpack: there is one more interesting variant, that's Fixer-style one

tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-10-06

I have made a gauntlet, I'm planning on taking pics and posting them later after school. and I'm working on a second one, a DC-15s blaster rifle, and am going to start some armor plates soon

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-10-13

I'm waiting for it, really want to see)

tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-10-14

yeah, I finally figured out the durable cardboard thing. turns out I still need a product, but It'll probably be done within a week or two. all I have after that is to paint it

tr0lldr0id (author)tr0lldr0id2016-10-06

and, wow! Russia is pretty. history books always make it sound really harsh, but it doesn't look any different than here in northern America

EvgenR (author)tr0lldr0id2016-10-13

Come here one day as a tourist, Russia has really interesting history, any town is unique and the nature is very beautiful, especially in autumn)

tr0lldr0id (author)EvgenR2016-10-14

I'll try. it's gonna be an expensive plane ticket, though

EvgenR (author)2016-10-03

one more photo

Nate Barry (author)2016-09-29


EvgenR (author)Nate Barry2016-10-03

Thank you)

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