Picture of Repurpose A Tin To Be A Speaker/ Amp Enclosure
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If you have created or purchased a small MP3 amplifier and need a sweet enclosure for it, a repurposed tin might be just the thing. Follow this instruction to make one of your own.

Step 1: Find The Perfect Tin

A perfect tin may have come with cookies or kerosene in it. You may find one on eBay or in an antique shop. I got mine in the local thrift shop.
hobby king (author)  dubstepmaker2 years ago
Thanks! It is really fun to build and listen to your music with. My wife has even connected it to her computer to watch Netflix.
Based on the instructions, I made this one that looks like a camera. I used three Altoids tins: two big ones for the speaker system and one small one for the 9v battery. I also added volume control, power button, and an indicator LED. Your instructable is awesome.

Nice work! Love the DIY gasket made of clear tubing.
pfred22 years ago
I bet it sounds a bit tinny.
hobby king (author)  pfred22 years ago
Actually it sounds great. I will post a video of playing music from my iphone on here tonight.
hobby king (author)  hobby king2 years ago
Here is the link for the youtube video of my red tin MP3 player. Thanks again for looking. http://youtu.be/FAV1i2zAY8Q
It sounds great through my 5.1 surround system here. That still doesn't tell me what it sounds like in person though. I'd be interested in hearing the difference head to head against a decent wooden cabinet. Who knows, maybe it isn't as much as I imagine it would be?
I recommend taking full advantage of the clear tubing by adding some LEDs inside the tin facing the tubes to make it look more awesome. It still looks cool though; I especially like the speaker that you chose. :D
hobby king (author)  Vampiricbuny2 years ago
I will definitely have to try the LED lights next time! Thanks for the tip!
3366carlos2 years ago
very ingeneous!
hobby king (author)  3366carlos2 years ago
Thank you Carlo! Its really fun to build and all our friends are looking for tins so they can have one.