Introduction: Repurpose Old Chiminea.

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The hard choice of throwing out my used chiminea or thinking on how I could re-purpose it. This is what I came up with.

Step 1: My Well Used Chiminea

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After a few years of burning wood and enjoying every minute. Sad to say it was done and actually unsafe to use any more.

Step 2: Paint Job.

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Simple job just to get a wire brush and a couple coats of whatever paint you have hanging around. To late to enter the purple contest though.

Step 3: Make It Into a Flower Container.

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Decided to buy a nice pot of red flowers to make it look like there is still flames in it. Glad to see it didn't get chucked out with the garbage.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-05-19

Love the bright color! Goes well with the flowers :)

Thanks. It's just some paint I had around when I painted some pallets. I didn't get it done in time for the Purple contest.

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