Repurposed Etched Glass Spice Jars...

As an avid recycler, I often find myself admiring the numerous
boxes of glass bottles in our garage, awaiting their fate.
When I noticed more than a dozen empty bottles from one particular
product, I knew I had a problem there must be something else I
could do other than toss them into a recycling bin once a week.

In order to justify my purchase of a caffeine-laden treat, I decided
to repurpose and upcycle the glass containers from my favorite
splurge. Enter Starbucks Frappuccino. (I know, I know, but I'm trying...)

And no, we're not rich. I realize these drinks can be over two dollars each,
but one a week is hardly a crime. Come Friday, by golly, I'm worth two bucks.
AND a cup of ice.

With a few supplies, and as many glass bottles as you can find,
you can quickly organize a spice cupboard or pantry in a very attractive manner!
For those who often cook, a cupboard full of oddball plastic bottles is not very
helpful. With clear glass, you can see what you are looking for, and if
you aren't quite certain (Oregano and Basil come to mind), read the label.

Drink bottles, salad dressing bottles, there are so many options, so many
different sizes and shapes. The wonderful thing about glass is that it is
recyclable, inexpensive, and readily available. If you feel as though you've
'goofed up' a bottle during the etching process, rinse it off and chunk it into
the recycling bin. Then try again. Consider practicing on a few scrap bottles to
get the hang of it before embarking on etching something nice. Some of you
may even have glass jars now, maybe you'll be inspired to etch them?

Come on, let's see what we can come up with!

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afujishima10 months ago
Easiest, and non-toxic way to remove labels is to soak the bottle/jar in vinegar. Labels and glue wipe right off. I usually just leave to soak over-night, even though that's not really needed. Just sometimes, some bottles/jars have really thick adhesive on them, and soaking them over night takes out the guess-work.

I'm gonna try that - thanks!

Heat is a good agent for removing labels - but be cautious - hot bottles can burn you.

What I do is put the bottles in a stock pot, bring it to an almost boil, then lower it to a simmer. After a few minutes, fish one out with tongs and silicon oven mitts, pour out the water, and try removing the label with the flat edge of a butter knife.

They may still stick, but usually have much less fight in them.

I didn't get how to make own labels
WUVIE (author)  Faroukchoudary4 months ago
Hello. In step 6, several ideas are mentioned, including making your own, or even using a cutting machine to make them. You can easily make your own using contact paper and a cutting tool, razor blade, etc. :-)
rnurnberger4 months ago
this is what I like to call the bombdigidy!! :-) I'm sooooo going to do this!! now,... how can I get YOU into one of these little bottles and into my cabinet so I can pop you in and out periodically to use you for all these awesome creative ideas?!!
WUVIE (author)  rnurnberger4 months ago
Ha! What a fun post to read, thank you so much!
hdawson18 months ago
I couldn't tell you the size, but I will tell you that i'm "reasonably" certain that that font is the "Plantin Schoolbook" font with "endcaps" feature on. Which is for the Cricuit machine only. If you like the look of the font but dont care about the stencil gaps, something like Plantin Std or Bold should get you close. @lurajeane I would reply but apparently i can't do that with the captcha.
lurajeane8 months ago
what font and size did you use for the starbucks bottle?
lurajeane8 months ago
I have been able to remove the printing off of Starbucks bottles using "Goof Off". It will also remove the residue from the clear labels as well
miamitreasure9 months ago
Very Cool !!!
dayymonn1 year ago
What font is this?
bmunn11 year ago
My bottles are ready! Any hints for painting the lids?
WUVIE (author)  bmunn11 year ago
Hello Bmunn, unfortunately, I haven't done anything to my lids, leaving them plain for now, until I come up with something. Did you decide to paint yours?
lkuziez96802 years ago
instead of using Goo Gone, rubbing alcohol works very well, otherwise this idea is great considering the amount of spices we have in our house
WUVIE (author)  lkuziez96801 year ago
Thank you so much! So many spices. I share your difficulties, LOL. Hubby is always saying 'where is the such and such'. I end up having to move things around to show him.
WD40 works great too which everyone has in their house! Great idea wuvie!
WUVIE (author)  chrisnotap1 year ago
WD40? I never knew. Thank you so much!
clazman1 year ago
Thanks for this Instructable!

I had one thought in keeping the letters together when doing a positive. I've used this procedure but not with the vinyl.

That is, apply a tape (clear or not?) over the letters before lifting them from the backing. Apply and carefully remove the tape.This would be similar to applying vinyl lettering which uses the backing for "holding" the letters during application. Maybe even us a sacrificial piece of vinyl although it is more expensive.

Again, Thanks.
WUVIE (author)  clazman1 year ago
Hey, that is a great idea! I can never seem to keep my letters straight.
I'll definitely give it a try. Thank you!
afaulk11 year ago
I thought I posted this yesterday but I don't see it. Great project with great instructions. I was wondering if you have ever cut contact paper with your cricut and if so does it work any special instructions for doing that. The cricut vinyl is so expensive I would love to use contact paper.
WUVIE (author)  afaulk11 year ago
Hello! Yes, I do use contact paper with my Cricut, and it works great. You might have to experiment with cutting pressure and such, depending on the grade of paper you purchase. I just use the plain white, and place it onto the Cricut board with the paper backing still on it. Hope you will give it a try. Suddenly, you'll be etching everything! :-)
rstickney2 years ago
I noticed that it was hard to read the etching on some of the spices, is there some way to put a colored back to the etched letters, or will that effect the etched letters?? Is there a way to color the etched letters?
You can rub a colored pencil on the etched area to give it a slight color that helps to make it stand out from the contents of the bottle or jar.
I have a glass etching kit that I purchased a while back and in the instruction video they include with the kit I purchased. Which I will say was expensive because you make your own stencils using a UV light. It states that you can use oil based paint to color the etched areas if you should choose to do so. So if you have a steady hand that would be an option.
WUVIE (author)  raevunstein2 years ago
Good to know, thanks, Raevunstein!
WUVIE (author)  rstickney2 years ago
Hello Rstickney,

I didn't want the labels to be too 'in your face', which is why I like the
etched letters. It may also be due to the angle of my picture.

The good thing, though, one can always look at the herb in the bottle, or
smell it, or tilt your head for better lighting. LOL.

I'm not sure if you could mix paint with the etching, but I would definitely
do plenty of research just in case.
rheinze11 year ago
Thankyou so much for sharing this incredible instructable! I can't WAIT to create gifts from repurposed jars now! Beautifully done AND written!
WUVIE (author)  rheinze11 year ago
Rheinze1, thank you so very much! I hope you are able to have a lot of fun when making them. :-)
hiveoffive1 year ago
I LOVE this idea! I have all my bottles washed and ready to go, borrowed a cricut, but can't find small enough letters. Which cartridge did you use?

Thanks for your help and thanks for such a great idea!
WUVIE (author)  hiveoffive1 year ago
Hi! Thank you so much!

No matter which cartridge you use, there should be a dial on the Cricut to increase or decrease the size. I can't remember which one I used, but I only
have a few cartridges. Something Plaintain, or Schoolbook? (Not at home right now to make certain.) :-)

Beti19481 year ago
Thanks for posting such a great & green project. I'm lamenting all the olive jars I've recycled. They'd be a great size for this. I'll go through my recycle bin right now!

You have a good writing style, by the way. Informative and organized but very readable.
WUVIE (author)  Beti19481 year ago
Hello Beti!

Thank you so much! Wow, my ego is lifted today, thank you!
A perfect example of "hand made" and not "home made"! Beautiful, well crafted and useful - and looks like you paid a mint for it!

I've favourite'd this and now am following you for more!
WUVIE (author)  The Dalai Farmer2 years ago
Hello Dalai Farmer, love your username!
Thank you for the kind compliments!
huf1232 years ago
This is why I love Instructables. I absolutely hate throwing away glass jars. As a result I have boxes full, and no idea what to do with them. Thanks for the great idea.
WUVIE (author)  huf1232 years ago
Aw, thank you, Huf! :-)
Lkymama2 years ago
Oh, I can't wait to do this...i sell oils and have so many, I have mom day present ideas...thanks so much!
WUVIE (author)  Lkymama2 years ago
Thank you, Lkymama! They would make unique gifts for Mother's Day,
great idea!

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