Step 13: What a great way to repurpose and recycle!

Picture of What a great way to repurpose and recycle!
Now just how cool is that?

The ideas are really flowing, now, aren't they? Suddenly you have the desire
to visit your local grocery store. Imagine the possibilities!

All those glass baby food jars your sister has been saving? Put them to use!
Organize, label, create and enjoy your new project. If you aren't too proud, visit
a restaurant or cocktail lounge. Ask them what they do with all their glass.
You would be surprised at how many sources there are for the asking.

Next, invite someone over for dinner. While you're cooking, you could 'accidentally'
leave your spice cupboard door open for all to see and admire. After all, these would
make wonderful gifts for that neat freak on your list.

Remember, you are hardly limited to spices. A few other ideas:

Paper clips, buttons, safety pins, beads, coins, those little things that get lost in a drawer.

Candy, tiny bits of baking goods such as semi-sweet morsels, nuts, etc.

Nuts, bolts, screws, nails and the like. Imagine your significant other walking in to find you've alphabetized,
organized and etched the shop!

More candy. After all, who doesn't need half a dozen bottles of M & M's candies, each with color identification etched on them?

Have fun, and considering creating your own Instructable with your new creation!

Thanks for reading,

rstickney3 years ago
I noticed that it was hard to read the etching on some of the spices, is there some way to put a colored back to the etched letters, or will that effect the etched letters?? Is there a way to color the etched letters?
You can rub a colored pencil on the etched area to give it a slight color that helps to make it stand out from the contents of the bottle or jar.
cbg38683 years ago
I love this project and it is so very well presented. Offer of various bottles is also done well. How ever I like the choice of products. Baby food jars is another suggestion. However, I have not babies to supply my needs. Thanks for this project.
rwlh19503 years ago
Well, that's next Christmas prezzies sorted. a good 'un. Thanks, very creative.
markb7103 years ago
Great Idea I love it two thumbs up! "Very good indestructible "
ShadowGirl3 years ago
Very good instructable! Nice font choice.
Aristarco3 years ago
Awesomest of awesome! I didn't know there's a cream to do that. I'll try and find it here in Mx. Greetings!