Step 2: Bring on the bottles!

Picture of Bring on the bottles!
This is the fun part. On your next journey through a grocery store,
take a good look at the bottles and jars on the shelves.

You purchase the item, use the product, and toss the jar to the curb for recycling.

But...what if you repurposed those containers? Mouse proof, insect
proof, attractive and unique, upscaled storage.

Olives are often sold in uniquely shaped containers, salad dressings come in
some very nice looking bottles, there are so many wonderfully shaped
glass bottles. Olive oil bottles are beautifully colored in many shades of green.
Wine bottles, empty candle containers, the availability is all around you, if
you just take the time to observe. All that glass. Going to the dump? Shame!

Don't have much room in your kitchen? Consider the tiny little jars for pimentos / pimientos
or garlic. Since I started adding pimentos to everything I can, the jars are adding up. They
are so cute!
raevunstein3 years ago
I had just found your instructable and thank you for posting the ideas for bottles. I had never though of the Wine vinegar bottles that you showed!!! Thank you so much love the whole presentation. So many useful tips.