Step 3: Remove labels from bottles...

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Sometimes a label simply peels off. Other times it might need a head start with
the edge of a knife. Be very careful, you don't want to lose any fingers! You might
even consider soaking a bottle overnight.

It might even be necessary to use the side of a razor blade to scrape labels
that seem uncooperative.
afujishima2 years ago
Easiest, and non-toxic way to remove labels is to soak the bottle/jar in vinegar. Labels and glue wipe right off. I usually just leave to soak over-night, even though that's not really needed. Just sometimes, some bottles/jars have really thick adhesive on them, and soaking them over night takes out the guess-work.

I'm gonna try that - thanks!

Heat is a good agent for removing labels - but be cautious - hot bottles can burn you.

What I do is put the bottles in a stock pot, bring it to an almost boil, then lower it to a simmer. After a few minutes, fish one out with tongs and silicon oven mitts, pour out the water, and try removing the label with the flat edge of a butter knife.

They may still stick, but usually have much less fight in them.

lurajeane2 years ago
I have been able to remove the printing off of Starbucks bottles using "Goof Off". It will also remove the residue from the clear labels as well
You could use that thumb ring to start on the edges :)
skylane3 years ago
What about bottles that have the "lables" actually printed onto the glass?
Anyone have any ideas?
Surely there is a chemical to do the trick but I enjoy tedious things like that so would probably sit there for hours with a sharp blade scraping away.
rustysea3 years ago
Another easy way to remove the glue under most labels is to use a drop of eucalyptus oil, with or without some sort of abrasive cloth or steel wool. Works quickly and easily on even the most stubborn stuff.
fauxreal3 years ago
Don't know if this will work on other than wine bottles, but it's a super simple way that I use: Pour (carefully) boiling water into the bottle up past the label level, wait a few seconds and start peeling label off from one corner. I usually place the bottle into the sink to avoid spills, and hold with a potholder to protect my fingers from the heat.
A good trick for label removal used by homebrewers is to soak bottles in a bucket of warm water with a little ammonia in it (1-2 tablespoons per gallon of water). The ammonia dissolves the label adhesive and the labels come right off.