Step 6: Select or create your stickers...

Picture of Select or create your stickers...

In this step, you can use adhesive stickers cut from shapes with scissors,
razor blades, or even fancy things made with electronic cutters like Cricut
Electronic Cutter, or Quickutz Embossing and Cutting Tool.

If you don't have a personal cutting machine, you might trade something with
someone who does. Do you knit? Maybe you could trade a hat for a sheet of
stickers made just for you! Send them a list of requested stickers, and then
send them your trade. A great way to get personal with other Instructables members!

Be creative. There is an endless supply of adhesive things one could use for
such a project.

lurajeane2 years ago
what font and size did you use for the starbucks bottle?
dayymonn2 years ago
What font is this?
Awesome post!
What's the font you've used for the letters?
skylane3 years ago
Or we could just have you make some up for us?
(kidding ;-)