Picture of Repurposed Old T-Shirt Pajamas

I finally convinced my boyfriend to purge his clothes!

What resulted was a large stockpile of old t-shirts, work shirts, sweats, old golf shirts and more. I considered donating them - but wondered if there was anything I could do to repurpose this new-found loot. 

I searched the web and found so many awesome blogs and sites with ideas for repurposed clothes - I felt like I hit the jackpot! 

I came across so many creative ways to repurpose old t-shirts, it inspired me to try my hand at something!

I decided to combine and remix a couple of ideas and this is what I came up with - hope you like 'em!

**sorry for the blurry pics - I had to use my cell phone camera...
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Step 1: Get your Stockpile together!

Picture of Get your Stockpile together!
Pretty much exactly that! Gather all the old t-shirts you can - from your closet or from donations from your caring family and friends!

Step 2: Cut & Paste...

Picture of Cut & Paste...

Cut out all your logos.  I used the large ones on the back and the small ones (usually on the front, over the left breast).  I didn't bother trying to cut them in standard sizes - although after I got into the sewing....I really wish I had! :)

Piece them together into a 'patchwork' type of design!


Step 3: Sew it up!

Picture of Sew it up!
back of tshirt quilt.bmp

Sew together your 'patchwork' of logos!

(This is where cutting out standard sizes would have really been a good idea. It came out very cool looking - but I think it would have been just as awesome & easier, had all the pieces been 'even....)

Step 4: Cut Out Your Shorts, or Pants

Picture of Cut Out Your Shorts, or Pants
I have never been one to use a pattern.....terrible, I know! My great-grandfather was a tailor and I think he might spit out his wine if he knew that!

So, if you want to use a pattern from this point on - please feel free!

Anyway, I just took pair of shorts from my boyfriend and used them like a template. Worked great! 

You can cut these into shorts or pants - depending on how big your 'quilt' is....I'm even thinking of making a hoodie! :)
jessimata2 years ago
Awesome Re-use! Steps 2-3 can easily be converted into a t-shirt patchwork throw or quilt. I used a blanket and bed sheet, layered and used a machine to sew along the perimeter. This is what I made:
GolfinMom43 years ago
Great Idea! Is there a special needle, thread or anything else that one should use when sewing knit material like this?
hi i was wondering how you put the waist band on and how you sew a added waist band? Im a newby to the sewing world. :)
bitsy1134 years ago
What a great idea!!!! I have some T-shirts that are actually to big and I was going to give them to good will but this would make a great pair of shorts to sleep in!! Thanks so much for the cool idea! I'm also glad to see you just eye-ball things, I hate to measure too!
JessickaRay4 years ago
Holy awesomeness... This is great... I would also love to see an i'ble of the hoodie. Please make one, I think it'd be great!
PurtynPnk (author)  JessickaRay4 years ago
I'm working on one right now! :)
Woohoo! Though I can't wait due to being very impatient, please take your time ;)
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Awesome awesome awesome. This is the best use for old tshirts I've seen in a long time.
PurtynPnk (author)  scoochmaroo4 years ago
Thank you! I found this site a couple days ago and I'm loving it :)
Yay new members!
Those t-shirts look almost new, he's not to hard on his clothes, is he? By the time I'm done with a shirt, all it's good for is a rag. Still, a cool idea.
PurtynPnk (author)  syntaxerror374 years ago
I couldn't get him to get rid of his most beloved (therefore, more worn-out) items....but there are definitely a few oldies but goodies mixed in. :)