Repurposed Pallets Into Gun Cabinet





Introduction: Repurposed Pallets Into Gun Cabinet

I needed something to put my firearms in but didn't have the money to spend on a high dollar gun safe. This was my alternative idea.

Step 1: Determine How Large You Want Your Gun Cabinet to Be

I own everything from long rifles, to shotguns, and pistols. I decided to make my cabinet fairly large to house any future firearm purchased I may come up with

Step 2: Pallet Time!

collect as many pallets as you can possibly get your hands on. I promise it won't be enough. I used a hammer to pull each board apart from every pallet. I tried to salvage all of them but as you will quickly find out, half of the boards will split or break as you try pulling them from the pallet. That's the hardest part.

Step 3: Tools Needed....

you will need:
circular saw
chop saw
deck screws 3inch
wood screws 2inch
your latch
pad lock
a few 2x4s to build the frame
I used two 4x4s for the runners (I found them on some special pallets)

Step 4: Building the Frame

first I built the floor by nailing 2x4s to the 4x4s that I used as my runners. I then used 2x4s to build my frame to the desired sizes.

Step 5: Building the Walls

Now it's time to put your pallets to use as you stack the boards to create the outer walls of the cabinet. the pallets I used were not large enough to run full length so I ran boards across the seams for strength and to cover the ugly edges.

Step 6: Face Front

I couldn't come up with long enough boards to make the face front so I grabbed some 1x4 cedar boards at the local hardware store and built my face front frame.

Step 7: The Interior

I made shelves out of ply wood and gun holders using some scrap wood and a jigsaw then covered them with green felt from a craft store.

Step 8: Doors

I wanted the doors to look like rustic barn doors. I found the roughest looking pieces for the doors. after finishing them I added my hardware to them and hung them

Step 9: Adding Character

I had some military surplus items that I hung on the doors for character and "wow factor"

Step 10: Load It Up and Lock It Up

Now it's time to fill it with all of your firearms, ammo, cleaning supplies, accessories, etc.



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    16 Discussions

    VERY nice job indeed! Unfortunately for me, where I live ANY material other than steel is illegal for a firearms safe.


    2 years ago

    More beautiful drawings and plans !


    2 years ago

    How many pallets did you use

    Nice job, good alternative to the Wooden Safes like

    Very nice gun storage. My only concern is the security of it, since you could easily remove the hinge screws to gain access. Or did you use tamper resistant screws? I think I'll install the hinges on the inside of the door. Thanks for the idea.

    you can use a sawzall to cut the nails in between the wood slats, it works great, that's how I cut my pallets

    2 replies

    After using the sawzall Did you remove the nails

    What method did you use to remove them would like to run the board thru a plainer but not with nails in the boards


    half of the heads of the nails that are still in the wood fall out and the other half come out if you take a nail, screw, punch or screwdriver and push them out. they definitely are not stuck in there. it is a lot easier cutting them and pushing the heads out than trying to pull them all individually with a hammer without cutting them

    Do you have any of the dimensions of the cabinet?

    Really nice idea. I have a question that I didnt see an answer to. What is the purpose of the slanted board on the top front ? Thanks for posting this, I think I will be building one real soon.

    1 reply

    The slanted board serves no purpose other than an added touch of decoration.

    Great idea, i'm about to head out to the garage and start. Thanks!
    I like to cut the nails holding the pallet together with a saws all. Quick, clean.

    I found it is easier to remove the boards form pallets of you do it while they are wet either leaving them out in the rain or hose them down and let them soak up some water the wood swells and the nails pull out easier.

    1 reply

    Where were you when I needed you! lol. I never thought of that

    Thank you very much! I just wish I had taken a lot more pictures of the process