Repurposing Trash Into a Planting Table





Introduction: Repurposing Trash Into a Planting Table

I found this table that was going to be thrown away. I had a vision for that table and made it into something beautiful again. Check out my repurposed trash into a planting table. 

Step 1: Start the Process With Sanding.

You want to remove all traces of other color before you paint the table. Sand table and then wipe the sanding off. Do not forget to wipe it off to get all the excess sand from the table. 

Step 2: Painting Time!

Spray paint the metal table your color of choice. Then let it dry. 

Step 3: Table Top Time!

Cut wonderboard down to size and screw into place on your table as a table top. Sorry I had already laid the tiles on top but the wonderboard is under the tiles and not grouted yet. 

Step 4: Bathroom Tile Sheets Color of Your Choice

Cut bathroom tile sheets to fit and then grout over them. Don't be afraid to really get the grout in there.

Step 5: A Beautiful Table Repurposed Into a Planting Table.

Wipe excess grout off and let dry! A beautiful new table with a new purpose in life!



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