Request: Tiger Makeup Transformation





Introduction: Request: Tiger Makeup Transformation

Step 1: Add White

Add white above your lip, on your eyes, and a little above your eyebrow.

Step 2: Orange

Add orange around the white.

Step 3: Add Yellow

Put some yellow on your nose and up to your forehead blending it into the white and orange.

Step 4: A Little Brown

Put a little brown around your hairline and cheeks.

Step 5: Your Nose

Put pink on the bottom of your nose, I prepped mine by painting it white first.

Step 6: Add Detail

I painted my top lip black, added some eyeliner to my eye, put dots around my upper lip for 'whisker' marks, added some shading around my nose, and darkened my nose with a little red.

Step 7: Strips

Add strips! I used eyeliner to place the stripes then darkened them with black eye shadow.

Step 8: Body

repeat the process and your done.



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    your cat is funny she is just sitting there behind you and your detail on the tiger stripes were amazing

    Haha I do love my cat. =P Also, thank you!


    Amazing face paint! Do you do makeup professionally or is this just a hobby?

    Have a great day!

    it's just for fun. I would love to do it professionally though.