Introduction: Request Free GoPro Sticker's // Pedir Sticker GoPro Gratis!

Request free GoPro Sticker's // Pedir Sticker GoPro gratis!

Step 1: Fill Form//Rellenar Formulario

Gopro to send a letter with original sticker need to fill in a form with your information name,phone,address ,city,country,state,zip-code,and email. Address and city is very important And click in Submit my order

*Para que GoPro envíe una carta con sticker's originales necesita rellenar un formulario con su información*

Form // Formulario

Step 2: Wait 1 Months About // Esperar 1 Mes Aproximadamente

The waiting time depends on where you live,then you will receive a letter like this...with 6 original stickers!!

*El tiempo de espera depende de donde usted viva, luego usted recibira una carta como esta


tomatoskins (author)2015-06-05

Cool! I love free stuff!

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