second usage to Bluetooth module from a laptop designated to the bind.....

Step 1: What You Needed

a Bluetooth module from a old laptop(normally is in the up right or up center of the screen of the laptop,when you open the front part of the screen laptop)....

a USB cable with male part

necessary to soldering and some heat-shrink tubing

Step 2: How To.....

the module Bluetooth have a little connector(normally is withe).....cut this connector and preparing all wires

to soldering.....!!

you have 4 or five wires: use only red,black,withe and green....other...zack......

connect with a USB cable,with same colors( in all cables USB you have 4 colors:red,black,withe and green and

the usages is:black=ground;red=positive 5 volt;withe and green is for data).....

cover all connections with appropriate isolation.....

you have a possibility to place this component in a appropriate enclosure....free choice ....

on windows seven,at the moment of you connect in USB,windows search automatically all drivers to permit the usage on your PC.....

Step 3: Transfer Data..

use Bluetooth to transfer data,music or other from/to PC and all other compatibles machines......

have fun and thank's to watch my instructable.....

<p>anyone know about the pin out of BCM92046 bluetooth module? from dell inspiron mini 1011</p>
<p>Congratulations on the tip! It will be very useful.</p>
<p>Made it but my bt chip kinda different from yours only pinouts </p><p>Thank you for the idea :)</p>
<p>check wires.....if you have 4 or 5 wires,BT module are in usb connection,plug and play on own motherboard....</p><p>try with multimeter to discovery positive,ground an data + and -......also,if you have datasheet on module,check on internet .....bonne chance....</p>
<p>Do you think it would be possible to use a bluetooth module from a laptop to get a wireless boombox or wireless headphones? Or would it need to have some other &quot;fancy&quot; circuitry attached to send an audio signal?</p>
<p>you have many projects about boombox bluetooth inside &quot;instructables&quot; website.....</p>
<p>if it possible, I would have already done....he he......</p><p>the circuit need collaboration with a OS (operating sistem)like windows....</p><p>you can use a simply bluetooth adapter(stereo)(buy for 15 dollar) and connect it to the jack boombox (build yourself with sistem speaker for PC at 10 dollar).it's easy to make..... </p>
<p>Great idea!</p>
<p>and the same job is possible for the WiFi module and the webcam...... :)</p><p>i want publish a instructable about the webcam.....</p>
<p>I know this is late but could you do one for the wifi module from a laptop? I have a few of them and have not found a way to convert them to usb</p>
Smart idea! I really like this project. Thanks for shearig :)
<p>:) Tank'you :)</p>
<p>Nice way to recyle and save money!</p>
<p>yessss :)</p>

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