Rescue for a Broken Blade.





Introduction: Rescue for a Broken Blade.

Will present in a simple way what to do to be able to continue to use the old blade.
The simple way to save on buying a new blade.



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You could have just added a thick extension block to your saw shoe plate too. I do something similar to extend the life of scroll saw blades. I put an auxiliary table onto the saw's table which raises the work up to teeth that have not been used yet. Your modified blade would not work in a saw that uses the T shank to hold the blade like my Bosch jig saw.

I know that there are several kinds of blade heads and not everyone can be a simple and easy way to renew. Your way is also good when we cut perpendicular. Cut at an angle is difficult

Gloves! Surely the blade got hot on that grinder?

Otherwise you raise a good point, I can do this on a number of blades I've been saving for a rainy day.

If not pressed tight blade he is not hot so it looked in my fingers. I polished short pulses. In the film, the process of grinding is speeded up, so as not to prolong the film. Use gloves on a grinding machine, good advice. Gloves must be well matched to the palm of your hand. For large gloves can be dragged down by the stone

Thank you for your appreciation.

Thank you for your valuable advice regarding the use of angular grinders.