Rescue the Webcam From a Laptop


Introduction: Rescue the Webcam From a Laptop

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It's the same process of my precedent instructable "Rescue a Bluetooth from laptop"........

4 cable(black,red,withe,green) to connect on a old USB cable with male part......isolated and enjoy.......

windows search automatically all drivers but if you know the laptop,search the software on constructor website

and install it......

very good quality of image and all usage is possible.....(spy cam,surveillance,Skype,birdhouse........)......

The dimension is very small........big place to your inventive ....... :)

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Good idea you could turn it into an ip camera

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i use like camera ip with a smartphone an USB OTG.....but need too match energy....and appli have no record!!

best usage is with a pc or laptop or other solutions like arduino, can change the lens with another,without infrared filter and use like infrared camera(with infrared led projector).

Nice job... Now if only using the laptop screen was this easy...

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Ebay have laptop screen controllers for 3-4 £ simple to use

Some guy on another post said you could use an arduino to make a controler, havent tried that yet.

i dont use Arduino but i think possible....

Mine is an old camera from a hp, it had a touchscreen and I red somewhere that you could reuse the screen too, however my camera has 5 cables, any idea what to look for on a multimeter or how to wire them correctly?
Thanks for this very useful post

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if colors are like usb cable(black and red = negative and positive)
(green and white= data + and -) ceck on the web usb wires
not use a big black or wire without protection.
in other case cant help you,sorry....

Could you explain the pinouts please. The module has three pins while USB uses 4. One is ground second is power and third is?

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you needed 4 wires:red,black,green and withe( to connect with a usb cable with the same type of colors..

check on internet the datasheet of the module

Hi.....i use windows 7 and with plug and play's a automatic

process.Alternatively,use all information back your webcam(model,serial number,manufactured) or using somes websites for automatic check drivers("all drivers",for example).


Wow, great idea to reuse them. I've got a broken laptop, so I'm going to try this. Thanks for sharing!

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