Step 6: Repeat?

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Depending on the appearance of your pan after this baking cycle, you may want to repeat the scrubbing process once again. Repeat the greasing and baking as needed. Ideally you'd repeat the re-seasoning step at least 4 times to let the seasoning take hold, but if you're feeling good about its appearance, it should be ready to go after one cycle. If food proceeds to stick to the bottom during use, you'll definitely know that the seasoning layer did not properly form and you'll have to repeat this process. 

Restoring cast iron is a pain, but maintaining it is quite simple- remember to scrape any food debris away, dry, and coat with a layer of fat while still warm. Stay away from detergents, metal scrubbers, long soaks, and dishwashers and you'll have a great, heavy duty pan for all of your frying needs. Have fun!
OK so once you grease it? Where do you store it??? I mean, it have grease on it, Its a bug party environment...
I usually just keep mine on the stove-top ready to use. Also instead of using lard as a final coat I usually just do a light coating of vegetable oil and I haven't had any bug problems as of yet. Even if you do...protein! Yum!
mariselita3 years ago
Really goog, but I have a question.. Since I can't put a pan with a plastic-like handle in the oven, what would be the equivalent time in a furnace?
osunnybgood3 years ago
I find that after I've scrubbed off the rust (not on my pans, I buy them from garage sales), having a fish fry or frying chicken goes a long way toward seasoning the pan. Then after I clean it, I spray with pam every time. My pans are awesome and just get better.
Thanks! Very useful instructable! I love my cast iron fry pans and dutch ovens.