Resealing Cups





Introduction: Resealing Cups

How to reseal cups

Items required:

-Cup with the metal lid


Step 1:

Find any cup with metal lid and clean it.

Step 2:

Figure out what you want to store in the cup liquids or hard objects.

Step 3:

Put the lid on top of the cup and go over with iron 15-30 seconds . Depending on the size of the cup.



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    How about painting the inside of the cup first? Then store your jewels, seal and put in fridge!

    This is one for the hidden places contest too. If you put some jello in a chobani yoghurt cup and than jewellery no one will hear or see it, just put it in your frigde and it will look like yoghurt. Cool-save.

    LOL thanks to you I just entered this contest. If I win I will share it with you ( I hope it's not a romantic getaway for 2, LOL)

    lol thank you but not necessary to share if you win, lolol specially not a romantic getaway keep that for someone special I'm already live on a romantic island, the credits are all yours. Keep my fingers crossed for you.

    you could make jello with the jullery inside it :D

    Wow! That's cool. How does it work? Are you reheating the glue?

    Yes, whatever glue is left on the lid is just reheated and it bonds together with the cup.