Step 6: Rethreading

 If, like me, you decide to wear your dreads as falls, as opposed to braiding them into you hair, you will then have to rethread them onto a cord or lace or something in order to tie them into your hair.

I have devised this system for rethreading.

Firstly, take your bendy straw and it through the holes in the end of your dreads, one at a time. I would recommend bending the bendy straw to stop the dreads slipping off the other end of the straw. Once you have all your dreads on the straw, 25 in this case, then take your string or lace or whatever (I have used cordage from Venetian blinds, as I have mentioned earlier) and pass it through the straw. Once you reach the bend, unbend it, taking care not to let the dreads slip off the end of the straw, and pass the cord, or whatever, all the way through the straw.
Then, with the greatest of care, and, perhaps whilst uttering words such as "viola" or "make it so" or even "I pity the fool who threads their dreads on to their cordage one at a time", withdraw the straw, making sure that the cord remains within the holes at the end of the dreads. Once the straw is fully extracted, remove it completely from the cord and tie the cord into a loop to complete the process. 
You should, assuming that your dreads have not slipped onto the floor, into a large pile of synthetic hairy torment, be holding a completed dreadfall.
Thx for such a wonderful tutorial! Very informative and entertaining! Love the color choice :)

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